Everyone Struggles!

Look, loosing weight is NOT Easy!

And if you’ve struggled in the past or are currently having a hard time ‘sticking to your diet’, you’re not alone!

Because everyone struggles!

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t persevere!

What most people assume would be the hardest part of losing weight – working out is actually the easiest! You don’t actually have to workout hard in order to lose weight – like you see on popular weight loss sows!

But we all struggle with everything else that is part of the ‘process’.

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I’m talking about the mental and emotional sides of your weight issues.

> Weight loss is about facing your fears, not easy

> Weight loss is about facing your insecurities, not easy

> Weight loss is about showing up to your workouts when you’re tired, not easy,

> Weight loss is about sticking to your meal plan over the weekend, not easy,

> Weight loss is about staying positive when you’re feeling down, not easy,

> Weight loss is about saying no to that extra slice of cake, not easy,

> Weight loss is about sticking to your pan when the numbers on the scale don’t budge, not easy,

> Weight loss is about letting go of what the weight is currently providing for you, not easy!

It’s HARD!

And that is something you need to expect and accept as part of the process.

But, Until you accept it, you will continue to suffer!

Look, getting in shape is not easy, but it does not have to suck either!

The reasons why we struggle is because we resist change – all struggling and suffering is a result of this resistance!

The most important step you must take is to accept this truth – I know, it sucks!

But the sooner you accept it, the sooner you’ll free yourself of the struggle and begin to make real progress!

Surrender to the process,
Surrender to change,
Surrender to your greatness,

And great things will come of it,

Don’t expect for things to be perfect,
Don’t expect perfection from yourself either,

Expect that there will be hard days and there will be days when you’ll want to quit.

Expect that you will doubt yourself and you will doubt the process!

Expect that you will miss workouts!

Expect that you will screw up your meal plan!

And be ready for it – because it will happen!

But how you will respond to these challenges is what will ultimately determine your success!

From here on out I want you to focus on PROGRESS not Perfection!

Progress is all about how you recover from all those mishaps and slip ups,
and not let a single mishap derail you.

Struggle is part of the process, there is no way around it.

And anybody that has lost weight and kept it off had to go through the same process.
And you can do the same, just be prepared for it.

Losing weight is HARD, but so is living in a body you hate and living with regrets >> CHOSE YOUR HARD!

I know you can do this!

Let’s go!

Coach Ruslan

Ruslan Kedik

Ottawa Weight Loss Expert | Top Personal Trainer | Former Fat Guy | Passionate Husband & Inspired Father | Coffee Lover & Cheesecake Connoisseur | www.transformationfitcamps.com

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