Why losing weight is so difficult

Why is it so hard?

No doubt losing weight is HARD!

And anybody that tells you otherwise simply does not know what they’re
talking about!

Would you agree?

And anybody that has tried losing weight or has lost it will tell you that
it was not easy, but it could be managed!

So, why is it so hard to lose weight…?

Consider a few facts with a short history lesson!

Fact 1 – Dieting is unnatural!
We are not designed to say NO to food!

For most of human history we had to deal with lack of food, starvation and famine, the fact that you’re trying to eliminate/reduce your food intake in order to lose weight goes against every fiber of your being!

Fact 2 – We’re designed to put weight on, not the other way around!
We are not designed to be thin – we have way more mechanism in place that favor weight gain over weight loss and for all the right reasons!

If you could not store and preserve calories/energy back in the day when food was scares and when you had to live in extremely harsh environment you wouldn’t last. It is those individuals that could eat and store calories that survived. I believe that is why we have the genes in place to pack on the pounds.

Fact 3 – It’s emotional not physical.
You eat for emotional reasons, not physiological. Consistent overeating which leads to weight gain is driven by emotional and psychological disruptions. Trying to control your food intake without balancing out the psycho/emotional realms will get you nowhere fast!

Fact 4 – We are social creatures.
One of the ways we relate to one and other and build a connection is by sharing a meal. And now that you’re trying to lose weight and you have to be careful with what you eat, it makes it difficult to stay on track during social events.

Again, you’re fighting history on that one!

Fact 5 – You’re stressed & tired!
People eat excessively (which leads to weight gain or stalls weight loss) when they are stressed and tired.

Food is fuel, food releases emotional overwhelm and allows you to escape your problems. Being stressed and tired makes losing weight a challenge.

I can keep going but hopefully that is enough to convince you that you’re not weak minded or lack willpower, you’re up against human EVOLUTION on this one.

>>Now you see, that losing weight simply goes against our very NATURE – so of course it’s going to be hard – your survival used to depend on gaining weight and overcoming famine!

Now that you know this, you don’t have to feel like a FAILURE or feel bad about yourself if you’re struggling with it!

We all struggle, you’re up against thousands of years of human evolution.

That is why it’s so hard – it’s NOT because you’re weak or lack discipline!

But I also know that you can lose weight – against all odds!

>>All you need is to have a flexible meal plan that doesn’t leave you feeling restricted, that way you won’t have the urge to overeat or binge.

>>You need a pleasant and fun activity (workout program) that you can be consistent with on daily basis.

>>You need to relax and play as much as you work!


>> You need support around you!

With that said…

Yes, LOSING WEIGHT IS HARD, but so is living in a body you ‘hate’ and living with regrets!


And HARD does not mean – suffering or pain, it just means that you’ll have to make choices that don’t feel comfortable to you.

It’s not about working out so hard that you feel like you might pass out, that is not what it’s about. It’s about sticking with it, not quitting on yourself, not falling back into old habits of uncontrollable eating late at night. That’s the HARD part and you have to be ready for that – mentally and emotionally.

But with the right coaching and support I know you can do this!

Let’s go!

Coach Ruslan @613fit