why losing weight matters

Why Losing Weight Should Matter To YOU

Why Losing Weight Should Matter To You!

Look, losing weight is IMPORTANT and it does matter whether you lose weight or not, but here is the thing…it’s not about weight loss itself!​

The significance of you losing weight expands far beyond those numbers on the scale, the state of your health or your reflection in the mirror.

Whether you lose weight or not will become a common theme in how you live out the rest of your life, that is why it’s so important to take this seriously.

And as a coach I will push you not because you ‘need’ to lose weight, but because in losing weight you’ll realize that you’re capable of doing and experiencing much more than what you’re currently settling for in life!

Weight loss is catalyst to realizing your self-potential.

>>>the truth is, if you’re struggling with your weight than that means you’re struggling in other areas of life as well. And in losing weight you’ll muster up enough courage to face other problems in your life.

Here is the thing, and this may be a hard pill to swallow.

But, the reason why you haven’t lost weight in light of so many attempts is because you made it OK for yourself not to!

And I fear that when you settle for not reaching your weight loss goals you’ve ultimately limited yourself in every other area of your life as well – your friendships, your family, your business/career, your self confidence, your self authority, etc.

When you’re not giving it your all with weight loss, you’re most likely not giving it your all in other areas of your life, areas that are far more significant than your weight.

You see, very time you fail to lose weight you reinforce a faulty mindset and limiting belief about yourself which alters your own perception of who you are and what you’re capable of.

Think about how many times have you made promise to yourself that you were going to lose weight and then you backed out, you quit.

Each time you did that you taught your subconscious that the integrity of your word has no substance which negatively shaped your perception of self and that is how you began to foster self doubt, negative self-image, seeing yourself as weak or incapable which ultimately shaped not only your body but the rest of your life as well.

And this is why it’s important to actually go after your weight loss goal with everything you’ve got!

In losing weight you’re essentially overriding the fragile mindset and a dented perception of self that years of failure has imprinted on your psyche – in losing weight your self doubt will begin to diminish and self confidence will begin to grow along with a realization that you’re much more than what you’ve been living.

Yes, losing weight is a big deal!

Yes – LOSING WEIGHT IS IMPORTANT and it should matter to you!

Because when you do lose weight you’ll automatically notice massive improvements in all of the other theaters of life as well.

But it starts with you believing in yourself, taking action, staying consistent and losing that next pound, and then the pound after that and so on.

Because when you do finally lose that 5 or 25lbs after years of struggling and failing you’ll realize your true potential!

The one common expression I hear from clients after they reach their goal is ‘now I know that I am capable of much more and I can do anything as long as I put my mind to it!

That is a powerful lesson and that is what losing weight is all about.

You see if they would have quit and walked away this realization would not have been birthed and they would have continued to drift through life, but in losing weight they are now able to experience life much differently.

>>>They are present and aware
>>>They are upbeat and engaged
>>>They are confident and assertive

Life is experienced at a whole new level for them.

But they got there by first getting a handle over their struggle with weight.

And they did that by making it IMPORTANT for them to get the weight off!

If you make something a MUST and you follow through on your own word amazing things will happen!

And once you gain that belief in your own ability you’ll gain enough confidence to reach any star you aim for.

Everything will improve, but it starts with WEIGHT LOSS!

And that is what body transformation and weight loss is about – LIVING YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

If you feel like your body weight is currently limiting you in life than you must make it a priority to lose this weight.

As a coach I will push you, not so that we chase those numbers on the scale but so that you stop settling for anything but your BEST!

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