Why You SHOULD Weigh Yourself…

The Scale Tells The Tale!

This morning I saw an Ottawa trainer from a local Ottawa fitness studio post something about not having a scale at their gym and how it’s not a good thing – to weigh yourself…

I happen to STRONGLY disagree with this idea.

The only trainers that tell you NOT to weigh yourself or use the scale (because it’s about the lifestyle change) are the ones who had never had to lose any weight themselves.

These are the same trainer that tell you, it’s not about the ‘diet’ it’s about healthy eating… and that is again advice coming from people that have never struggled with weight/food issues before.

Well, the first thing that we all have to change when losing weight is our eating – in particular we need structure (not restriction). And whenever
you add structure to someone’s eating preferences it will always feel like a ‘diet’ because we’re not designed to control our food intake – we’re designed
to eat as much as we can to insure we have enough calories.

That is why I say ‘it’s ok to be on a diet’ if losing weight is a priority to you and why you should be using the scale to monitor your progress.

And whenever I hear trainers/nutritionists say things like this I know for a fact that they don’t actually ‘get it’ because they’re always been thin/fit.

Now, back to the scale.


Anyone that has excess weight, can and should be using a scale as a feedback tool. Much like GPS, if you’re off track it will help you get back on track!

Research also supports this. One study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics showed that participants who weighed themselves daily for six months lost 13 more pounds, on average, than those who weighed themselves less frequently!

With that said, if you attach your personal self worth, if you attach emotion like joy/sad to the numbers on the scale than that is another issue that needs to be tackled on it’s own.

And I actually use the ‘scale experience’ with clients that do attach self worth/emotion to the numbers as a tool to helping them transform by detaching from the numbers and learning how to have an emotionally neutral experience while observing whatever the scale reads!

If there is a real issue of self worth, the scale doesn’t exacerbate the issue it’s just reflecting what is already there and if you know how to coach people then you can use that experience to help folks transform, rather than just avoiding the scale (which doesn’t help in any way).

This is why at 613FIT which happens to be Ottawa’s Leading Weight Loss Program, we don’t celebrate your weight loss, nor do we make you feel bad about not losing weight. We simply use the scale as feedback!

For example…

Sometimes people lose weight too quickly and the scale allows us to see that, we then adjust the plan accordingly. Sometimes a client may be doing everything right but the scale isn’t moving, again we may have to adjust the plan at that time to make sure that we’re actually doing things that matter.

The scale tells the tale

However, what you need to be acknowledging and celebrating on your journey is the effort, commitment and energy that you’re generating each week regardless of what the scale reads!

That is what matters most, recognize the change in yourself, your ability to stay consistent and committed to the process/journey you’re on and be proud of yourself for doing so! That is something I remind our members off constantly!

And the long-term goal is to NOT have you weigh yourself but to get you to a place of mindfulness and intuition, where you no longer rely on external sources for guidance and control especially around your weight and food. But, as a mere strategy to helping you lose weight a scale is something that can work to your benefit and should not be avoided.

Coach Ruslan

Founder of 613FIT @613fit 613fit.com Contact info@613fit.com to book your FREE consultation