Journeys of Change With Melissa (Month 2 – 30lbs Down)

Another 30 days has passed and I’m down another 9 lbs. I didn’t think this would happen.


I mean I’m eating again, normal food! Things I love…but those first couple of weeks my weight did not budge… I went up and down like a see-saw within the same 3-4 lbs… then boom all of a sudden it dropped a few then a week later a few more. Like my body got confused because I was eating normal again (just adjusted healthier)

I have to admit those first 2 weeks of the second month were hardest, where I had to believe and trust the program and trust that Ruslan actually knows what he’s doing… because it didn’t seem like it to be honest. I KNEW in my mind he knew, but I had to convince myself to stick to it.

During this time my brother got married and that was a special event, so I allowed myself some leeway with my food choices and I got back on track the next day. I felt fab that day, My own father barely recognized me, I mean hello I’ve lost 2 dress sizes, cut my hair and got new glasses. I hadn’t seen my family since Christmas.

My weight still fluctuates up and down day to day a couple pounds… but the main thing is it’s slowly going down at a steady rate.

Some mornings it’s hard to get to workouts…I’m exhausted, I’m a mom, a wife, I work 40+ hours a week closer to 50 some weeks, I’m at the gym for 5:45 am, At work by 7… I don’t stop until usually 5, pick up my daughter, get home, make supper, etc etc etc. I’ll be completely honest, I’m in bed by 8 most nights. BUT it’s worth it.

I’m slowly finding more and more energy, I have more confidence, I’m feeling great.

Now I just need to hire a maid to do all the cleaning… I can’t seem to fit that into my already packed schedule LOL.

Goals? I’m looking to be down another 5-8 lbs this coming month. Slowly but Surely. I want to lose weight SMART and the right way. I’m slowly learning how to become the NEW me.