Journeys of Change with Serena

My weight loss journey has been quite a whirlwind to say the least. To sum it up, I very impulsively decided to join TFC’s 30 day transformation program (signed up within a minute of receiving the invite email, which I normally would never do!), went on to love the program, and then won the ‘best transformation’ prize money! I lost 23 lbs in 30 days! Amazing right? You would think so… here is the behind the scenes look at my real, internal journey.

During the entire 30 day program I had one major concern, WHAT IF I GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK WHEN THIS IS OVER? Throughout the first 30 days, I was determined, I was highly motivated and I was losing weight quicker than I ever had in my entire life… so why was I questioning it? I always promised myself that I would never fall into a “diet trap”. My sister was anorexic as a teenager and I have witnessed countless other loved ones go on crazy diets, lose a bunch of weight, look and feel great and then gain all of their weight back and then some in a matter of months! Why?

I presented all of my concerns to Ruslan throughout the 30 day program and he kept reminding me that “this is a temporary metabolic reset diet and is not sustainable long term”. He said that I would be placed on a sustainability program after the initial 30 days but he also stressed the importance of journaling and really working on the mindset along with the nutrition and exercise components. He got me thinking all of the time and made me realize that I need to own and control my reactions to life’s common stressors. This was at times frustrating because it made things a bit harder… you know, not be able to make excuses for myself and fall back on my bad habits for comfort. I would think, but don’t I deserve it? I work hard; I’m a damn good mom and a wonderful wife! I work full time, get up at 5:00 AM and work out every day at 6:00AM! I do everything for everyone else, hell I deserve to over indulge and enjoy right? And then, there it was… my epiphany!

It’s because I DO deserve all that I desire in life that I should not over indulge and allow myself to lose control! It’s because I am worth more than what I am settling to be and I deserve to look in the mirror and be proud of not only what I look like but of whom the true woman is staring back at me. It’s about internal honesty and asking yourself in times of weakness and, is this worth it? It’s about changing your overall thought process around what actually makes you happy long term and finally allowing yourself to be that woman you’ve always wanted to be!

Now that I have realized that, I feel empowered and losing the weight isn’t even a concern to me anymore. Why? Because I KNOW I will lose it and I will do it the right way… slow and steady, eating healthy, training with the Fit Fam and by always being honest with me. Now I refuse the extra indulgence with a smile because I am being true to the strong, resilient woman within me.

41 lbs down and counting… until next time☺