Top 5 Diet Mistakes

Everyone knows that the most important component of weight loss is your diet!

In fact, in all of the research that’s been done where they’ve compared diet alone vs. exercise done alone for weight loss, diet always WINS! Exercise by it self is highly ineffective for losing weight!

The problem is, most diets are unsustainable long term. And when you can’t make your diet work long term you won’t reach your goals.

I think most of us have experienced this, we follow a specific diet, we’re seeing results but soon enough even the progress that we’re making can’t keep us away from pizza, burgers, cakes and wine.

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Many trainers would blame your lack of willpower for going off the diet, I would argue that it’s the redgidity of the diet that pushes you off course.

So what is the problem with most diets?

Here are Top 5 Diet Fails and what you need to do in order to fix it.

1. Your diet is not personal to you.
All diets revolve around the same premise, they have you eliminating certain food groups that they deem to be evil, fattening and unhealthy and give you a limited list of foods to work with.

Your diet should revolve around your personal preferred food sources. You can still eat what you enjoy and lose weight.

One way to make your diet work and make it sustainable is to have a meal plan that is designed around what you’re already eat and what you enjoy.

2. Your diet is too restrictive.

This is another issue with most diets, they are full of rules and lists of foods that you’re not allowed.

They may also tell you when you’re allowed to eat and when you’re not!

This makes it very difficult to stick to and sustain in the real world!

You want your diet to be fairly inclusive, something that allows you to eat a verity of foods, not just veggies and protein. I’m talking about your favorites, but in moderation of course.

3. Your diet doesn’t allow junk.
No diet out there allows you to eat junk.

And this is where most diets fail!

No human will live life nor should they without enjoying a snickers bar or donuts!

If wine is your thing I would include wine with dinner to make your meal plan work for you. If pizza is your thing, we can work that in as well!

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4. Your diet is not practical.
This is why no one ever sustain their diet.

They force you to put your entire life on a pause while following their plan.

You can’t go to any social functions without feeling like you can’t have anything there or that you might ruin your diet by indulging.

That is just not practical and unnecessary for weight loss.

Your diet can be flexible and inclusive, that way you can enjoy your meals out and not worry about getting off track.

5. Your diet is about the diet, not food.
Most diets don’t teach you about food, how to eat and how to progress, they simply have you following THEIR system by
having you avoid ‘bad foods’. Can you say cult?

You need to understand food and how to eat, not ‘WHAT’ to eat like all these failed diets are trying to do!

When you understand food, carbs, fats and protein you won’t need to follow any diets, you’ll simply learn to eat and combine
your meals that helps you lose weight and satisfies your taste buds!

This is exactly the type of coaching on nutrition you get with me.

No two people that I coach eat the same thing, yet everyone loses weight!

That’s because they all have their personal meal plans that they follow, that are – flexible and inclusive.

That is the key to your success!

Ruslan ‘Diet Whisperer’ Kedik