7 Weight Loss Essentials

The 7 Weight Loss Essentials:

The first few weeks of work that I do with my clients revolves around me removing them from all the noise and nonsense that is out there about weight loss.

‘They’ make it out to be much more complex than it really is!

Losing weight is not easy, but it is simple!

And even then, most ‘solutions’ that are out there, they have too many missing links that keep people from either losing weight or keeping it off long term.

Here are my 7 Weight Loss Essentials that focus on your transformation from within – as much emphasis as we put on your diet and exercise, your mindset (a set of beliefs, stories, perceptions) and your emotional states also need to evolve with your physical changes in order to make this a permanent change for you in your life.

1. Change your story.

Unless you change your story, excuses and reasons why you can’t lose weight or why it’s hard, you won’t be able to get it done!

2. Get clear on your goal/vision.

If you don’t know how much you want to lose or you’re to vague with your goals, you won’t get it done. I say set your goals 10X where you think you should be.

3. Manege your Stress.

Manage your stress so you manage your emotions. Otherwise your emotions will get the best of you.

4. Get a Personalized Meal Plan.

Do not slot yourself into a ‘cookie cutter’ diet that you get out of a ‘diet book’. You’ll never last, will always feel restricted and deprived.

5. Do Full Body/High Rep Workouts 3-4X/week.
There are just to many benefits to list when it comes to doing resistance based full body workouts.

6. Master Consistency!
Consistency trumps everything else. You have to be consistent with your routine, food, training, sleep, etc. Inconsistency is the
#1 problem most women get, especially over the weekends.

7. Surround yourself with the right people!
You need the support and you need the accountability. There will be days where you’ll miss up and won’t show up, you need someone there helping you get back on track and get refocused!

As you can see, there is nothing magical about my process, yet my clients get wicked results!

And you see that the most important steps on your journey to master are mindset & vision!

It’s best that your diet and training are kept simple (and avoid cardio until later on).

Take these 7 points, print them out and use them to keep yourself on track with your progress!