Journeys Of Change With Melissa

A few months ago if you were going to tell me Mel in 1 month you’re going to be 21 pounds lighter I would have laughed at you. Yah right. I’ve tried just about everything, I actually have an annual GYM membership to a gym I don’t go to. (I actually even renewed it with good intentions last year) Yet I’ve been a handful of times, I still hadn’t lost any weight, I WAS even working with a trainer doing cardio, zumba and strength training. I was pretty religious about it for awhile, but alas I saw no change.

I’ve always been a big girl, Over 250 for most of my adult life. I’m in my late 30’s and it was really starting to get to me. I have a loving husband who loves me just the way I am and two wonderful children, but I FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE in my body!!! Like I can’t escape it and it’s not like I haven’t tried I HAVE!.

About a month and a half ago I was browsing facebook and this advertisement came up for Transformation Fit Camp. I was like what kind of scam is this. My computer obviously knows I’ve been trying to lose weight, computers keep track of everything! heck it keeps talking about cookies (ok,computer joke there)

I clicked the link and read about it, IT seemed intriguing, but I wasn’t so sure, I ended up sending an email and within the hour Ruslan had called me. ALTHOUGH interesting, I couldn’t see how I could make it work for me. Early training sessions, etc, I have a 40 hour a week job. I’d have to be up before the crack of dawn (4:45 am) to drive to Ottawa to train, to get back to Gatineau to work (20 min each way) then work till 4….days not over yet! Pick up the kids, make supper, be a wife, mom etc, then do it all over again?

All this to mention also that I had a sprained back so moving at any pace wasn’t really working great for me… but on the other hand… IF I LOST WEIGHT, it would certainly help my back heal etc right?

I finally gave in and called Ruslan back saying OK I’ll give this a try. Let’s see what kind of miracle worker you are buddy.

At first yes I was skeptical when I saw what he had planned for me… but I was determined to have it work this time. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF BEING FAT! so I gave it my all. He modified exercises for my back and it all worked out great.

The end of that first week when I stepped on the scale OMG I almost cried… HOW could I be down that much already? WHAT???? IS your scale broken buddy? Nope apparently it works fine.

I stuck with it…and it was not easy I’ll tell you, I remember calling Ruslan in tears near the end of those 30 days ready to give upt, I was tired, I was fedup, I couldn’t do it! He talked me through it. Gave me the courage to go on, I made it this far, I could do it! IT’s all about how you think. Don’t give up on yourself!

Final weight in came for the 30 days transformation and I had lost 21lbs. YES!!! WHAT? You read that right. I am amazed and so incredibly proud of myself for deciding to make this change in my life. I weight less than I did at my wedding, I weight less than I have in 8 years. I feel incredible, and it’s only going to get better from here.

I had to go ask for new uniforms at work too. I’m down a dress size.

Now that I’m in this and I realize it’s working and I realize WHY it’s working. It’s because I’ve changed the way I think about it. I’m not losing weight. I’m retraining myself how to be healthy…and by default losing weight.

My goal for the next 30 days is to learn to adapt to a more detailed eating plan…it’s all a learning process. In reality I’d like to lose another 8-10lbs. It’s all about focus.

Do I have my weaknesses? Heck yah! I have a 165lb chocolate and chip loving husband. Yes the junk food is there. I’m the assistant manager of a bakery. I’m around fresh bread and pastries 8 hours a day. 40 hours a week…but I’m learning adapting and determined.

Stay tuned to find out what’s next.